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A Dose of Understanding

I also attached a Body Composition analysis being 66 years, and since coming out of treatment, I changed my diet and exercise routine due to fear of having a stroke, heart attack because my blood pressure was too high and or amputation due to A1C being at 7.1.


03/20/2022: Lost 40 pounds in 6 months, blood pressure came down; A1C went to 6.0; sleeping 7 hours per night and saving money from not hanging out at Starbucks.

With the changes in diet and exercise, they said my body is performing as a 60 year old and there was no real significant things they could recommend to me because I was doing everything possible to enhance my quality of life.

Should you or anyone else have any additional questions or concerns; please do not hesitate to reach out to me here or to my email.

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