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Besides ordering and or reviewing these books, you can listen to their discussions on You Tube and also get free access for them through your local public library.

  1. Battling the killer within and winning - Thomas A. Farrington

  2. You can Beat Prostate Cancer and you don't need Surgery to do it - Robert J. Marckini

  3. Protons Versus Prostate Cancer (Exposed)  - Ron Nelson

  4. 100 Questions & Answers about Prostate Cancer - Pamela Ellsworth, MD

  5. The Pegan Diet - Mark Hyman, MD

  6. Eat to beat disease  - William Li

  7. The Diabetes Code - Dr. Jason Fung

  8. The Diabetes Code Cook Book - Dr. Jason Fung

  9. Life Force - Tony Robbins 

  10. Under Pressure (A guide to controlling High Blood Pressure) - Dr. Frita McRae Fisher

  11. Eat right for your blood type - Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo

  12. Eat to Sleep : What to eat and when to eat it for a good night's sleep - every night - Karman Meyer, RD

The Ultimate Guide to Alternative Medicine Magazine (google for information)

Health Links Magazine (of  Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties of South Carolina).

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